ALG provides a host of legal services to promote and protect the real property interests of our clients, including drafting and negotiating commercial and residential leases, and contracts for the purchase, sale, financing, construction and renovation of real estate. We assist our clients in resolving property disputes, including landlord-tenant, boundary, title and other issues.


Unlike many other land use attorneys, ALG does not represent developers. Instead, ALG’s land use clients typically are individuals and communities who challenge proposed construction projects and re-zonings that impact their neighborhoods. Although developers may call our clients “NIMBYS,” we consider them to be community leaders. Over the years we have developed strategies to level the playing field between developers and the surrounding homeowners, thus enabling clients to more effectively fight to preserve the character of the communities they have worked so hard to be able to live in. We represent our land use clients before local zoning officials and administrative bodies and in court.


  • ALG is representing a group of business owners in a court action challenging local government approval of a multi-unit residential project on an adjoining property.
  • ALG represented a community association in an administrative proceeding opposing a proposal to significantly expand the operating hours of a neighborhood mosque. This involved a claim under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA).
  • ALG represented a homeowner in a jury trial for faulty construction of a major home renovation.
  • ALG represented a Home Owners Association in opposing zoning approval for a proposed assisted living facility in Fairfax County, Virginia. The HOA asserted that the proposed facility would cause traffic problems and significantly change the character of their neighborhood.
  • ALG represented a startup business in challenging a Notice of Violation issued by the Fairfax County Virginia Dept. Of Code Compliance and negotiating the zoning approvals necessary for it to begin operation.
  • ALG represented a property owner in opposing a Special Permit Application filed by an adjoining property owner in Fairfax County, Virginia, seeking to have farm animals in their backyard.
  • ALG represented a Home Owners Association in Fairfax County, Virginia in opposing zoning approval of a proposed government facility that would have interfered with recreational facilities constructed for use by the members of the HOA.