Our lawyers have an active litigation practice. They have appeared in both federal and state courts and have represented U.S. and offshore clients on technology, contract, regulatory and land use matters.

In our litigation practice, ALG lawyers act as zealous advocates for our clients while also recognizing that the best results for our clients sometimes are achieved through private agreements rather than costly litigation.


  • ALG represented an offshore company in a lawsuit against the U.S.-based general contractor in a case arising from a U.S. government contract in Afghanistan.
  • ALG represented a homeowner against a contractor in a three-day jury trial involving a claim for defective construction.
  • ALG represented a property owner in a case against a developer and Fairfax County seeking to halt the redevelopment of a nearby property as inconsistent with the Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance.
  • ALG represented a property owner in a case involving a boundary line dispute arising from an adverse possession claim.
  • ALG represented a property owner in a lawsuit against Fairfax County seeking to invalidate a portion of the Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance as inconsistent with Virginia law under Dillon’s Rule.
  • ALG represented property owners in a case involving a Fourth Amendment claim arising from an inspection of their property by the Fairfax County Virginia Department of Code Compliance.