We have become aware of several different types of potential fraud that are being committed by individuals or groups identifying themselves as “Alliance Law Group.” The most recent of these is described below. Our name, “Alliance Law Group,” is a registered U.S. trademark and no other lawyer or law firm in the U.S. should be using it.

If you are contacted by any such individuals or groups, or believe that someone may be fraudulently identifying themselves as being associated with Alliance Law Group, please send an e-mail to our Managing Member, Craig Blakeley. Please use word “Fraud” as the subject of your e-mail and provide a description of the circumstances of your particular situation, including if possible the name and contact information of the person who contacted you and represented him or herself as being with “Alliance Law Group.” If there is any doubt about whether a particular lawyer is associated with our firm, please see our Attorneys list in the site menu above or contact us.

At the present time, we are aware that there are one or more groups identifying themselves as “Alliance Law Group” and which are attempting to fraudulently collect on alleged payday loans. These individuals contact the alleged debt holder (and sometimes a close relative such as a parent, grandparent, spouse, or sibling) and claim that some amount of money is owed on a payday loan. The caller uses our name “Alliance Law Group” and threatens to file a lawsuit – or sometimes have the person arrested – if the alleged debt holder does not provide a credit card number to which some amount of money can be charged to “settle” the matter. The whole point of the call seems to be to frighten the person being called into providing their credit or debit card number. We reported one such group to the Federal Trade Commission and the FTC initiated legal action against that group. However, we have received reports that this scam is again being used.

We do not do any debt collection work and never have done so. If you are contacted by any group operating as described above and that identify themselves as “Alliance Law Group,” or encounter any other group fraudulently using our name, please send us an email as described above. Such use of our name is completely unauthorized and fraudulent as is any such suggested association with our law firm, Alliance Law Group LLC. We have only one office, located in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, USA, and do not now and have never had any other office.

Thanks for your help!