Our lawyers have many years of experience representing clients before the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC, based in Washington, D.C., exercises regulatory authority over telecommunications, radio and television broadcasting, cable television, electronic equipment, and the Internet. ALG’s lawyers have represented clients on FCC licensing concerning telecommunications (wireline and wireless), broadcasting stations, policy and rulemaking matters (including the assignment of new radio-frequency spectrum), political advertising, electronic equipment, small cell deployment and siting, and other issues. Our lawyers also regularly advise clients on FCC actions and developments of relevance to them.

In addition to advising our telecommunications clients on FCC matters, we also advise them on issues arising from other federal agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission, as well as relevant state agencies. Moreover, we advise foreign governments on matters relating to their laws that govern telecommunications, including the Internet, and advise U.S. companies on off-shore telecommunications matters.


  • ALG represented a state department of transportation in an FCC proceeding involving the location of small cell infrastructure in state and locally owned rights-of-way.
  • ALG advises broadcasting stations concerning compliance with FCC requirements.
  • ALG advised a corporate client on FCC and other federal administrative issues, as well as with respect to new technologies such as automated vehicles and aerial drones.
  • ALG prepared the Statement of ICT Policy for the Kingdom of Jordan.
  • ALG prepared a proposed revision of the Jordanian Telecommunications Law for Jordan’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology.
  • ALG advised Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology on proposed revisions to Azerbaijan’s Telecommunications Law and the possible restructuring of the Ministry.