There is an expression “you can’t fight City Hall.”  But at ALG, we don’t believe that. We can and do fight Virginia local governments on behalf of citizens groups, HOAs, and businesses that are resisting proposed land use developments that threaten to impair their quality of life or the value of their properties.

One year ago, we won an important victory in the Virginia Supreme Court on behalf of some Fairfax County residents, voiding a new zoning ordinance that Fairfax County had adopted during the pandemic. The Court found that Fairfax County had failed to comply with Virginia’s open meetings law. Fairfax County has moved to readopt that ordinance and we are back in court challenging that action.

We are also in court in Prince William County and Surry County opposing proposed Internet data centers. Data centers are large buildings that house computer servers that are used to power the Internet. Data centers use large amounts of water and electricity. And their rooftop air conditioners generate a continuing noise 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Neither we nor our clients oppose data centers in principle. But we do oppose them when they are proposed to be built near residential areas, thereby threatening the residents’ right to the quiet enjoyment and use of their properties and their right to preserve the value of those properties.

We’re also appearing in the Virginia Court of Appeals, fighting a decision in Arlington County Circuit Court that we believe was wrongly decided concerning a proposed development that would adversely affect the value of our clients’ properties. We’re also in Arlington County Circuit Court trying to stop a “temporary” bus depot that is operating right next to our client’s property.

In our land use practice, we try to level the playing field by providing residents and businesses with high-quality legal representation, to make certain that their views are known and taken into account.

For further information, contact Craig Blakeley at (703) 848-8336 or by email at If you communicate with us by email on this topic, please use “Fight City Hall” as the subject of your email.