Author: Kathleen McDermott

Traps for the Small Landlord: Potential Awards of Attorney’ Fees to Tenants Under the VRLTA

Residential leases normally are written by, or on behalf of, landlords. As such, they often give landlords the right to recover their attorneys’ fees and costs in a successful legal action against a tenant – but don’t give similar rights to tenants. But a recent trend in Virginia landlord-tenant law has created opportunities for tenants […]

Regulation of Airbnb & Other Short-Term Rentals in Virginia

The provision of short-term rentals via online platforms such as Airbnb, FlipKey and HomeAway is part of the growing “shared economy.” In 2017, the Virginia General Assembly established a framework by which local governments may regulate these and other short-term rentals. The law defines a short-term rental (STR) business as “the provision of a room…intended […]

Landlords: Does your Pet Policy violate the Law?

Under federal and Virginia fair housing laws, a landlord must provide reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities. A person is considered disabled when he or she has a physical or mental impairment that that substantially limits one or more of that person’s life activities, and that person has a record of having the impairment or […]