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We have become aware of several different types of potential fraud that are being committed by individuals or groups identifying themselves as "Alliance Law Group."  Several of these are described below.  If you are contacted by any such individuals or groups, or believe that someone may be fraudulently identifying themselves as being associated with Alliance Law Group, please send an e-mail to our Managing Member, Craig Blakeley.  Please use word "Fraud" as the subject of your e-mail and provide a description of the circumstances of your particular situation, including if possible the name and contact information of the person who contacted you and represented him or herself as being with "Alliance Law Group."  If there is any doubt about whether a particular lawyer is associated with our firm, please see our list of lawyers.

The first circumstance of which we are aware is one in which an individual represents himself in an e-mail as a barrister in London, England with a law firm called "Alliance Law Chambers" or "Alliance Law Group."  Some of these e-mails contain our name and logo, as they appear in the upper left-hand corner of this web page.  In the instance of which we are aware, this individual purports to be representing a cancer victim who has died, or is dying, from that disease and states that he is seeking assistance in distributing funds or charitable contributions from the cancer victim.  It is possible that there may be other variations of this fraudulent conduct, of which we are presently unaware.

This use of our name and logo is completely unauthorized and fraudulent as is any such suggested association with our law firm, Alliance Law Group LLC.  We have only one office, located in Tyson's Corner, Virginia, USA, and do not now and have never had any other office, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere. 

We also recently have learned that a group identifying itself as "Alliance Law Group," and using our logo, is sending e-mails to individuals around the world, indicating that they have been awarded $1 million from the United Nations Foundation.  The sender of the e-mail purports to be located in Ireland or in the U.K.  We have received e-mails from people in many countries asking whether the senders of this e-mail are connected with us and whether this so-called award is legitimate.  We have absolutely no connection with or knowledge of whoever is sending this e-mail.  We have not authorized their use of our name and logo.  Based on this fact, and the large number of inquiries that we have received, we believe that these e-mails are fraudulent.

In addition, we have become aware that someone using our name is contacting people by telephone, purportedly to collect debts on behalf of AT&T or other companies.  Please be advised that we do not represent AT&T nor do we do any collections work.  We ask that anyone receiving such a collection phone call from someone identifying him or herself as being from "Alliance Law Group" please contact Craig Blakeley as noted above.

Finally, we believe that some individuals are marketing Loan Modification services using our name, Alliance Law Group.  It is true that we offer such services.  However, the only lawyer from our firm who does so is Kathleen McDermott,(703) 848-8318,  If you are contacted by anyone else offering Loan Modification services and who represents him or herself as being with our firm, please contact Craig Blakeley.

Thanks for your help!



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